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Charged with a Violent Crime in Connecticut?

When charged with a violent crime the stakes are much higher. The State, through the State Attorney’s Office and the police, is charged with protecting the citizens of Connecticut. As a result, violent crimes are given particularly close attention. This means that there is a real chance that the State will be expecting some period of jail time in resolving a case involving violent crime. Never is it more important that you call for a consultation and hire me than when you are charged with a violent crime. Just as in the investigation of other crimes the police must operate within the rules demanded by the Constitution. If the police violate your Constitutional rights while investigating your case the State should be held accountable. For instance, if the police violate your Right to Remain Silent or your Right to An Attorney any confession or statement they got from you should be thrown out of court. If the police violated your Right to be Free From Unreasonable Searches and Seizures any evidence acquired or gathered as a result should be thrown out of court. If the State is unable to prove the charges against you without the evidence that was acquired or gathered unconstitutionally the charges against you will be dropped. Once I am hired to represent you I will review the police report with a fine toothed comb to make sure that your rights were not violated. If they were I will fight to ensure that the evidence found during the illegal search is thrown out of court and that the charges against you are dropped.

Please visit the “Constitutional Rights” tab on this website in order to see if the police may have violated your constitutional rights.

Criminal law has been my passion throughout my life. That passion has guided my educational decisions and career path culminating in my starting the Law Office of Steven R. Slattery with a focus on criminal defense. My job is to help those accused of committing crimes in dealing with the criminal justice system and to make sure that the constitutional rights of anyone accused are protected. From arraignment to dismissal, plea or verdict after trial, I work hard for my clients not only in seeking favorable dispositions, but also in communication with them throughout the process. I do not leave my clients in the dark and I do not “BS.” My job is to help people through the often uncomfortable experiences most associate with the criminal justice system. I love my job and I am good at it. Let me help you or your loved one.

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